The Best Wood for Garden Furniture

Wooden Garden Furniture

The choice of garden furniture is enormous. You can choose between many different designs, styles and materials. Many people prefer wooden garden furniture because it creates a special feeling just like wooden interior furniture. On the other hand, garden furniture is often exposed to harsh weather conditions including direct sunlight and rain, and is also vulnerable to numerous insects.

Carefully chosen wooden garden furniture will transform your terrace or garden into a perfect spot to relax, spend quality time with your family and friends especially during long summer days or simply enjoy the nature and get some fresh air. In order to be able to enjoy your wooden garden furniture you should pay attention to several things before purchasing one. In addition to focusing on design that will look best in your garden or terrace, you should focus on type of wood the garden furniture is made of. Why? Because there is a major difference between different types of wood.

Wooden garden furniture can be made of many different types of wood, while some of the most common types include teak, shorea, iroko, pine, oak and many others, mostly hardwoods. Each type of wood has unique characteristics and qualities which should be kept in mind when selecting the perfect garden furniture for your terrace or garden. Some woods are known for to be highly durable, some for being resistant to harsh weather conditions, some to termites and other bugs, and the others to shrinking and splintering. Most types of woods that are used for garden furniture are durable but there is a major difference in the maintenance they require in order to remain as beautiful as they should be.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Which type of wood is the best for garden furniture depends on whom you ask and where do you live but most experts agree that you cannot go wrong if you choose wooden tree benches or a mixture of teak and stainless steel garden furniture. It is very elegant, extremely durable, resistant to both direct sunlight and rain as well as termites and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike many other types of garden furniture that can take a lot of time for maintenance and cleaning, teak does not attract dirt and is waterproof which means that you do not need to worry about leaving your garden furniture out in the rain.

Shorea is a popular alternative to teak because it has very similar qualities including resistance to direct sunlight, rain, mold, insects and dirt. It is less expensive than teak but it is also less durable. Iroko is perhaps a better choice than shorea because it is almost as durable as teak which is why it is sometimes called the African teak. In addition to being almost as durable as teak, iroko is resistant to harsh weather conditions and termites, and requires little maintenance. The only difference between iroko and teak is stability. Iroko offers less stability than teak.

Other types of wood such as oak and pine are not a bad choice either but they require much more maintenance and care than teak, shorea and iroko. Neither oak nor pine are resistant to direct sunlight and rain, and require some sort of protection such as covering or storing during bad weather which can be very unpractical and inconvenient. They also require more frequent treatment with oil or varnish.

With proper care and maintenance, all types of wooden garden furniture will serve you well and look beautiful for as much as two to three decades. However, there is a major difference between different types of wood in the amount of time and effort that is required for maintenance. If you look for both elegance and convenience, you should definitely choose teak no matter where you live.

Some people are discouraged from purchasing garden furniture made of teak due to the fact that it is more expensive than most other types of woods but considering that wooden garden furniture does not have to be replaced every year or two, a quality garden furniture is one of the best investments you can make. A long-lasting material such as teak is actually more cost-efficient than cheaper materials that need to be replaced more frequently. In addition, it has all the crucial characteristics that a quality garden furniture should have – elegance, strength, water-resistance and low-maintenance. All that it requires is an annual oil treatment in order to preserve its natural color. Iroko and shorea have similar qualities as teak and are less expensive but neither of both is as ideal for garden furniture as teak.